Acme Juicers Review

Acme Juicers Review

Nothing beats a glass of freshly squeezed or extracted juice from fresh produce. One glass of freshly extracted juice is packed with vitamins and nutrients that’ll help you keep your energy up all day and keep your health up for the rest of your life. Of course, in order to get this glass of goodness regularly, you should consider getting a juicer. But which juicer should you get? In this review of Acme Juicers, you will find the information you need to see if this brand of juicer is right for you.

The first thing you should know is that Acme juicers actually come very well recommended by experts and typical users alike. One of the main selling points of Acme juicers is the fact that most models do not automatically eject pulp after the juice is extracted. Because of this, Acme juicers tend to collect 20 -35% more juice than other brands. You should also know that the pulp contains a huge percent of nutrients in the fruit.

However, because there is no automatic pulp ejection, the juicing process becomes a bit slower -that is, if you want to get all of the goodness from fruit to your glass. This also means that you need to empty the filter quite frequently.

There is one problem that some people have – the noise factor. As you might realize, juicers aren’t exactly the quietest of appliances. However, there are companies that manage to make their juicers a bit less noisy. Compared to other brands, Acme juicers tend to produce an amount of noise typical to most juicers today. Thus, it’s not really worse than other brands in terms of noise, but it really isn’t better, either.

Acme juicers have satisfied countless customers and their recommendations should definitely be heeded. If you want a great juicer that’ll give you the best glass of goodness, then you should definitely check one out from Acme.


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