What To Look for in a Juicer Review

What To Look for in a Juicer Review

You want to buy a juicer but don’t really know where to start looking, so you decide to do some research on the internet. After a while you start learning more about juicers but end up even more confused than when you started. Why is this?

It’s only naturally to want to do some research when buying a product of any sort and juicers are no different. But the common problem with online research is that there is so much conflicting information. What you really need is some unbiased information. After all, most sellers want to show their own product in a good light, so tend to play up the good points. After reading a few reviews you realize that they all suggest different juicers.

What you need to do first of all when research juicers is to find a guide that will explain what the differences are between the main types of juicers. You will then be able to figure out whether you need a centrifugal, single auger, twin gear or citrus juicer. Once you have figured this out you can read the individual reviews on each particular juice machine within the category that you have chosen.

We would advise avoiding reading reviews that have been written by the sellers themselves and would suggest you look for some independent reviews. These independent reviews can be found of juicer review websites and well as on various forums. Just make sure the juicer reviews sites aren’t affiliated to any particular seller. That way you can be more sure that the review is truly independent.

Forums are also a good place to ask questions about a particular juicer as you may find others who have already bought and used one. The best reviews are by people who have actually used the juicer every day. I would avoid reviews where someone just tests the machine for a few minutes and then gives an opinion. You will be using the machine every day, so you want to know all the good and bad points. These may not be apparent to someone who hasn’t used the machine themselves in their daily life.

Don’t forget that the most important step is to decide on the type of juicer you need, not the brand. A centrifugal juicer will be exactly what some people need, but will be a complete waste of money for others. The same is true for single auger and twin gear juicers.


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